About usThe Intensive Care Foundation is dedicated to improving the care of critically ill patients by raising funds for clinical research projects as well as the education of health professionals responsible for intensive care. Our ultimate aim is to improve the number and quality of lives saved in Intensive Care Units each year.

The Foundation also aims to raise the awareness and profile of intensive care throughout the community, highlighting the life-saving work that intensive care doctors, nurses and researchers perform daily.

The Intensive Care Foundation was formed by the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) in 1990.

A legally independent charity with tax-exempt status, the Foundation operates in both Australia and New Zealand. The Foundation is endorsed by the ATO as a deductible gift recipient.

The Intensive Care Foundation consists of a Board of Directors and an independent Scientific Review Committee.

The ICF is completely self-funded for its administration/overheads, so that every dollar donated to the Foundation makes impact through our research grants.

The Scientific Review Committee is composed of highly experienced representatives from the intensive care community. They are responsible for rigorously assessing Research Grant Applications and making recommendations to the Board on the selection of research projects for funding.

The Foundation is committed to fostering the talent of novice researchers and funding pilot studies that can lead to major research projects.