At the Intensive Care Foundation we are dedicated to improving the care of critically ill patients, through funding vital research. Our overall aim is to improve the number of lives saved and the quality of those lives, for those who find themselves in intensive care.

The Foundation Celebrates its 30th Anniversary. Announces Increased Funding For Research.

Since its inception in 1990 The Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Foundation has awarded nearly A$4m in grants to over 100 research projects in both Australia and New Zealand.

In announcing the opening of the 2020 Research Grants Program, the Chairman of the Foundation, A/Prof David Gattas said,” I am very pleased to announce that the Foundation plans to increase the level of funding available in 2020. The total amount we will be granting this year will be higher than the last few years, as will the maximum amount awarded to single project”.

Past recipients of Foundation grants have gone on to undertake significant research work and build on their careers. Dr  Shailesh Bihari, an Intensivist in Adelaide, who was awarded a grant in 2011 commented, “I received a novice research grant from the Foundation early in my career. Not only did this grant “kick start” my research career, it also paved the way towards my achieving an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship and contributed to my PhD”.

The Intensive Care Foundation is a small not for profit that has a very low cost base. We are proud that the costs of running the Foundation are borne by the Intensive Care community. The Chairman commented,” All the donations, in other words every dollar, given to the Foundation goes to supporting our philanthropic programs”.

Looking to the future, “The Foundation is committed to supporting the Intensive Care community in Australia and New Zealand. We want to grow this support in the coming years to include programs covering education and scholarship. We also want to help neighbouring countries in the Region with support for their Intensive Care Units”.


  • Avant Mutual Group Supports The Foundation

    Avant Mutual Group Supports The Foundation

    The Foundation’s newly appointed Chief Executive, Ian Higgins (left) recently met with Adam Golabek, Head of Partnerships for the Avant Mutual Group.Through their sponsorship of the Intensive Care Foundation, Avant are supporting the Foundations annual research grants.

Did you know?

165,000 people, including 10,000 babies and children, are admitted to Intensive Care Units every year.
Over 90% survive life threatening accidents or illnesses with the help of intensive care.
Since 1990 the ICF has supported more than 100 ANZ research projects, providing nearly $4m in funding.
There are more than 10,790 nurses and more than 1,000 doctors working in ICUs in Australia and New Zealand.

Inspiring stories

Costanza and friends

Costanza and friends

New mothers in ICU
“I never thought I would end up in ICU on a breathing machine struggling to survive. It makes you realise it can happen to anyone whether you are young or old.”
Darryl Sabin

Darryl Sabin

Survivor, author and motivational speaker
“When almost all hope is lost the specialists from intensive care will do everything possible to help their patients find a way back. The tougher it gets the tougher they try.”
Ian “Molly” Meldrum

Ian “Molly” Meldrum

Pop music legend
"Life can change in the blink of an eye. Or, in my case, a fall from a ladder that landed me in ICU. I urge everyone to support the Intensive Care Foundation."


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