At the Intensive Care Foundation we are dedicated to improving the care of critically ill patients, through funding vital research. Our overall aim is to improve the number of lives saved and the quality of those lives, for those who find themselves in intensive care.

Annual Report 19-20

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The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health emergency that is challenging the entire community in Australian and New Zealand. It is a formidable opponent for intensive care units and their staff. The Intensive Care Foundation stands shoulder to shoulder with our community and with intensive care units.

In the 30th anniversary of the Foundation, we were pleased to open our annual granting program by calling for expressions of interest a short time ago. The Board of the Foundation includes several intensive care clinicians who understand well what has happened since. The upheaval in our lives and throughout the specialty we all love is profound.

Frontline ICU staff, including clinician researchers, are among the most important people in the country right now. You will do what it takes and apply your knowledge, skills and compassion to the best of your ability. You will do this despite working in the eye of the storm every day. Intensive care units in Australia and New Zealand are a formidable opponent for this virus.

The Expression of Interest for the 2020 granting program is now closed. The Foundation will not distract or disadvantage potential applicants in any way from achieving the mission we share. If your research and education programs must wait for you to return to normal, then your Foundation will wait for you.

Those who have expressed interest already have been notified. They will be eligible to re-apply later and can modify their current expression of interest at that time if desired.

The Foundation will announce a special funding round at time to be determined. All projects that meet our usual eligibility will be accepted. The special funding round will preference projects that can help our community and specialty recover from the pandemic, understand it, and increase our ability to adapt and respond in future. It will encourage projects which can improve the wellbeing of our workforce. We will announce details when we emerge from this pandemic together.

Anyone from the intensive care community who would like to discuss COVID-related research with the Foundation before we announce the special funding round should contact the Foundation and ask to speak with the Chairman, A/Prof David Gattas.

Did you know?

180,000 people, including 20,000 babies and children, are admitted to Intensive Care Units every year.
Over 90% survive life threatening accidents or illnesses with the help of intensive care.
Since 1990 the ICF has supported more than 100 ANZ research projects, providing $4m in funding.
Around 14,250 nurses and 1,355 specialist doctors working in ICUs in Australia and New Zealand.

Inspiring stories

Ian “Molly” Meldrum

Ian “Molly” Meldrum

Pop music legend
"Life can change in the blink of an eye. Or, in my case, a fall from a ladder that landed me in ICU. I urge everyone to support the Intensive Care Foundation."
Joanne Spaulding

Joanne Spaulding

Her amazing recovery
"I will be forever grateful to the dedicated, skilled people who work in ICU. Because of them – and a wonderful cardiologist, paramedics, and of course, husband – I have made a full recovery."
Darryl Sabin

Darryl Sabin

Survivor, author and motivational speaker
“When almost all hope is lost the specialists from intensive care will do everything possible to help their patients find a way back. The tougher it gets the tougher they try.”


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