Clive Mathieson

Editor, The Australian

I had never been in an intensive care unit until May last year, when I was led to the bedside of my six-day-old son. Will had just been through 11 hours in theatre to repair a congenital heart defect and was now in the hands of the Sydney Children’s Hospital ICU.

From that first night, the care given to Will – and the comfort given to his parents – by the doctors and nurses of the unit was, quite simply, astounding. Will would end up staying in ICU for more than three weeks as he recovered from the surgery and several post-operative complications.

Through his entire stay, he received around-the-clock care from enormously professional and skilled staff. They were dedicated to our son’s recovery. Nothing else mattered – or at least that’s how it seemed to us. And, even in the darkest moments, they led his anxious parents through developments and gave them hope. Today Will is a fighting fit toddler.

One way you can support these great people is through the Intensive Care Foundation which funds the research needed to maintain and improve the world leading standard of intensive care here.
Clive Mathieson


The extraordinary people who work in our ICUs are known only to those Australians who have the misfortune to visit one, for themselves or their loved ones. These life-savers deserve more recognition and need more support.