At the Intensive Care Foundation we are dedicated to improving the care of critically ill patients, through funding vital research. Our overall aim is to improve the number of lives saved and the quality of those lives, for those who find themselves in intensive care.

  • ‘Whose line is it anyway?’ – a seminar/dinner

    ‘Whose line is it anyway?’ – a seminar/dinner

    Another seminar and networking opportunity for ICU staff based in Brisbane and surrounds has been organised by AVATAR in collaboration with the Foundation. A seminar/dinner will be held on Monday, 26 March to explore alternative perspectives on the multiple vascular access devices available and to challenge participants to broaden clinical decision-making around VADs. Speakers will include internationally...
  • 2018 Foundation Research Grant Process

    2018 Foundation Research Grant Process

    Stage 1 of the Foundation’s 2018 Research Grant process will commence on 1 March with an invitation for interested parties to send us an initial Expression of Interest (EOI). Several important aspects of the Foundation Grant process have changed this year.  It is therefore essential that potential applicants should read the 2018 ICF GRANT GUIDELINES...
  • ‘Jama’ article offers advice for sepsis survivors

    ‘Jama’ article offers advice for sepsis survivors

    An article published in the highly respected and peer-reviewed ‘Journal of the American Medical Association’ has summarised in a completely accessible way, the difficult symptoms experienced by patients following hospitalisation for sepsis. The article by Hallie C Prescott MD, MSc and Derek C Angus MD, MPH begins with a simple, visual representation of the symptoms. Sepsis...

Did you know?

165,000 people, including 10,000 babies and children, are admitted to Intensive Care Units every year.
Over 90% survive life threatening accidents or illnesses with the help of intensive care.
Since 2000 the ICF has supported more than 100 ANZ research projects, providing more than $3m in funding.
There are more than 10,790 nurses and more than 1,000 doctors working in ICUs in Australia and New Zealand.

Inspiring stories

Joanne Spaulding

Joanne Spaulding

Her amazing recovery
"I will be forever grateful to the dedicated, skilled people who work in ICU. Because of them – and a wonderful cardiologist, paramedics, and of course, husband – I have made a full recovery."
Costanza and friends

Costanza and friends

New mothers in ICU
“I never thought I would end up in ICU on a breathing machine struggling to survive. It makes you realise it can happen to anyone whether you are young or old.”
Ian “Molly” Meldrum

Ian “Molly” Meldrum

Pop music legend
"Life can change in the blink of an eye. Or, in my case, a fall from a ladder that landed me in ICU. I urge everyone to support the Intensive Care Foundation."