Darryl Sabin

Survivor, author and motivational speaker

From a young age, Darryl Sabin had only one dream – to be an All Black.  But at the age of 15 he started suffering concussions while playing rugby and on ANZAC day 2009 he entered the fight of his life.  But he defied the odds and in a remarkable and ironic twist of fate, the game that so nearly claimed his life became the cornerstone of his recovery.

Darryl has cheated death with the help of family and the outstanding work and care of the team in the ICU.  He has rebuilt his life – neuron by neuron – and is now inspiring audiences as a motivational speaker, sharing the five life lessons he learned through his miraculous  survival and astonishing recovery against all odds.

His presentation is a  life-changing, raw and unforgettable expose of the power of the human spirit and testimony to the adage that life is 10% what happens to you, 90% how you react to it.

According to Darryl, when life serves up the ultimate test of survival, character and determination, it’s a case of get busy living or get busy dying.

Check out Darryl’s website and amazing video made six months after his accident – his journey has been truly remarkable.

When almost all hope is lost the specialists from intensive care will do everything possible to help their patients find a way back. The tougher it gets the tougher they try.
Darryl Sabin